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Why I'm committed to offering more affordable wedding videos.

Find out why a high-quality wedding video doesn't necessarily mean a premium price-tag.

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From understanding why wedding videos are important, to why you no longer need to pay premium prices to have one, this blog post provides my honest (maybe too honest) account of why I am committed to offering every couple high-quality, affordable wedding videos.

“I fell in love with the idea of offering couples a beautiful keepsake of their big day.”

When I filmed my first wedding video at the age of 17 (nearly 20 years ago now), I didn't really know what to expect. I'd been interested in video production for a few years prior to this, and my journey really all started by making questionable comedy sketch videos with my best friend (fortunately I don't do that any more). Soon, I started offering local companies and organisations the opportunity to have a professional video produced, most of which jumped at the chance. Naturally, as most videographers will tell you, the requests to film a friend or family members weddings start to role in when you're lucky enough to own your own video camera. After filming one or two weddings, I soon fell in love with the idea of offering couples a beautiful keepsake of their big day.

Why a wedding video should be on your priority list

When it comes to planning a wedding, there's an ever-expanding list of things to get organised, but initially, you're likely to want to get the 'important things' sorted. Obviously the style of wedding and the priorities of each couple can differ significantly, but organising the church (if needed), the venue and the photographer are all likely to feature high on your priority list. But where does a wedding video feature on your list? Is it even on your list at all?

Wedding videos have existed since affordable consumer camcorders became readily available. You may even remember watching an old VHS tape (remember those?) of your parents or grandparents wedding. Fast forward to the modern day, and I'm sure you've noticed that video is everywhere you look; largely thanks to platforms like YouTube and more recently, TikTok. For these reasons alone, a wedding video should at least be a consideration.

“Your wedding day flashes before your eyes and a video allows you to relive those special moments time-and-time again”

For the record, I have also worked as a wedding photographer, so I know how important photos are to a couple. After all, there's a reason why photographers are so high up on the priority list of couples when planning a wedding. However, there's nothing quite like watching a video to bring the emotions of the day flooding back. Your wedding day flashes before your eyes and a video allows you to relive those special moments time-and-time again; The moment you walked down the aisle and your partner shed a tear, the moment you said "I will", and the exact moment in the speeches that resulted in the entire room bursting into uncontrollable laughter. These are moments that only happen once, and a video is quite simply the best way to relive them.

Making wedding videos more affordable

There's been a rather significant obstacle that's meant that having a wedding video has simply not been an option for a lot of couples in the past. The price! It's no secret that the wedding of your dreams doesn't come cheap, but when you're likely to have already spent upwards of £1000 for a decent wedding photographer, paying the same again for a videographer (or even more) is simply not an option. This is where I come in.

There were two main reasons I began offering wedding videos; because I genuinely love doing it and because I wanted to afford (operative word) more couples the opportunity to relive their wedding day with a beautiful video. Naturally, I did my research and was astonished at the prices that some videographers (it's totally up to them by the way) were charging for their services. Perhaps more worryingly, some weren't even offering 'the basics' of a wedding video such as ceremony or speeches as part of their standard price; some charging you more in the form of 'added extras' and some not even capturing these in full at all. The benefit of a video compared to the photos is to listen back to these so I have pretty strong feelings when it comes to charging extra for them.

“There are a lot of people that get put off if the price is low, but why would you pay more than you need to for a high-quality wedding video?”

For years, a wedding video has been viewed as more of a luxury than a priority, but I fear that has primarily been as a result of the high costs. My mission is to help couples, whether they could afford the more expensive videos or not, to at least be in a position to consider having one. There are a lot of people that get put off if the price is low, but why would you pay more than you need to for a high-quality wedding video? This obviously depends entirely on the style of video you want (I've talked about what contributes to the overall costs in a previous blog post), but when you can book full-day video coverage of your wedding for as little as £545 through CP Video and Photo Weddings, why would you pay more than you need to?

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One final reason for more affordable wedding videos

As the heading suggests, there's one final reason I knew that wedding videos needed to be more affordable. A few years ago, I filmed a friends beautiful wedding (they will remain anonymous out of respect). The day was stunning and the couple were absolutely thrilled with the video that I produced. Sadly, a short time after the wedding, the brides mother became ill and passed away. This was unquestionably devastating for the couple and family, but a few months later I spoke to the bride and she said something to me that I will never forget. "Having a wedding video was the best decision we ever made for our wedding because it means that I can watch it and see my mum again". I will never forget her telling me this and it truly emphasised the impact that a professional wedding video can have.

Find out what's included when you book your wedding video through CP Video and Photo Weddings by visiting our main wedding video page.

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